Adrestia is the Gateway Service for the Aesel Distributed Visualization platform.

An Aesel cluster consists of:

  • One or more instances of CLyman
  • One or more instances of Crazy Ivan
  • A Mongo Cluster

Different clusters manage disparate scenes (or groups of renderable objects), and Adrestia abstracts away these clusters into a single transactional plane, which can be accessed by typical transactional services, and end users. It can be scaled horizontally, and runs against a Mongo Cluster itself.

Adrestia also forms a security layer on top of it’s dependent services. It provides a number of additional HTTP security features, including a full-scale authentication flow powered by Auth0.

Full Documentation for Adrestia is available here. Repository for Adrestia is available at here.

Full Documentation for the Aesel Distributed Visualization Platform, including the HTTP API for Adrestia, can be found here.


  • Edge Proxy for HTTP communications with end users
  • Authentication supported by Auth0 integration
  • Cluster-based routing driven by Scenes (data stored in Crazy Ivan)
  • Internal Service mesh for transactional services to communicate with Aesel clusters

Adrestia is a part of the AO Aesel Project, along with Crazy Ivan & CLyman.

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